A new art complex born in Roppongi

Appearing in Roppongi in 2020, ANB Tokyo is a new art complex featuring community lounge, gallery, and studio facilities. Its name derives from three words: “alternative,” indicating a conscious effort to depart from existing concepts; “box,” symbolizing how it functions as a receptacle for various things; and “narratives,” countless examples of which the box will host.

Harnessing multiplexity to build a unique network and form a new nexus between art and society

ANB Tokyo is a place for supporting the creative activities of artists and organizing events and projects with various peers involved in art. Harnessing its multiplex nature as a complex, ANB Tokyo serves as a hub for people with different backgrounds and visions to meet each other, while also engaging in activities that share and deepen the understanding of art contexts cultivated until now.

Art offers perceptual feelings and diverse interpretations. We want to get close to each and every thing that takes place here, to each and every story that gathers here. Open to change as a place that responds meticulously to current trends: such an attitude of endeavoring to find new solutions and ways out of dialogue is rooted in the idea that culture is not created solely by systems but shaped through the multiplex interchange of what people say and do.

Building up a unique network from communication across generation and discipline, and developing the possibilities that arise from this, ANB Tokyo aspires to be a new nexus for art and society.

2F ANB Tokyo, 5-2-4 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo